Our vision for Association Violet is to end the daily struggle for children and their families who live with cerebral palsy, epilepsy or dystonia. 


We have a clear understanding of our values at Association Violet:

KINDNESS – showing kindness to everyone

ENGAGEMENT – being involved, responsive, interested and interesting

COMMUNICATION – being genuine, open, honest and sincere

PARTNERSHIP AND CARE – being reflective and learning from parents and caregivers as Partners,
developing strong nurturing relationships

COMMITMENT – to provide financial support to children and their families

RESPECT – promoting a culture of tolerance, inclusion, fairness and opportunity


 To educate and promote awareness of cerebral palsy, epilepsy and dystonia

To support the community of care givers and families  

To build a membership that supports our vision

To share information and stories about those experiencing challenges with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and dystonia

To share knowledge on best practice

To provide a sustainable financial support structure to enable the funding of grants


To support advocates for cerebral palsy, epilepsy and dystonia


To transform the lives of the children and families we work with, through community engagement, involvement and fundraising.


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