Fundraising_Events 2022 Summer Garden Party

2022 Summer Garden Party


📣📣📣THANK YOU, THANK YOU & THANK YOU to ALL the people involved in our Garden Party ….. to our Amazing Team, our brilliant active volunteers and helpers who all made the day, not only fun and memorable….but possible!! …. and to our super hosts who gave up time, energy and their garden!

To the people that donated time, money, produce, prizes, food and entertained people with their displays.

To the people that came and bought things, played games and to those people that ate cakes, sandwiches, hotdogs, bacon sarnies and drank tea, beer and wine…. YOU have helped raise a fantastic €1697,94 😁😁EVERY centime will go to children with disabilities….. YOU have made a difference to their lives  💜💜💜THANK YOU