Announcements Grant of 500€ Given to Tahys

Grant of 500€ Given to Tahys


Meet Tahys. (age3)
Tahys has biliary atresia. He received a liver transplant in January 2020.
Tahys feeds mainly on bottles with specialised milk day and night at the cost of €400 per month (unfunded).
His parents have 2 small incomes. When Tahys is in hospital, his parents only eat one meal a day because it is too expensive for anything else in Paris.

Tahys has Liver surgery booked in Paris at the end of November 2022 and the 500€ we have given his parents, we  hope will help his them stay close to the hospital and to be able to afford to eat more than once a day.
We hope this donation will relieve some of the financial stress leading up his operation. Good luck beautiful boy….