Announcements Grant of 500€ given to Manon

Grant of 500€ given to Manon


Manon. (age9)
When Manon was 3, she had an open heart operation for a cardiomyopathy. Manon suffers from a poly malformation syndrome, cardiomyopathy, and growth retardation. Genetic research is ongoing in the United States. So far this is the only case in the world.
Manon also suffers from eczema. Her parents wanted to repeat the 3 week treatment that she had in 2021 because it had was very beneficial in helping her damaged skin. Manon’s treatment is covered by their health cover, but the parent’s accommodation is not. We are hoping that the €500 we have given them, will help them get Manon the treatment she needs and deserves as soon  as possible..