Announcements Grant of 1000€ to Mahe

Grant of 1000€ to Mahe


Mahè is beautiful 6 year old boy who has a rare genetic condition (less than 100 reported cases), ‘GRIN2B’.

He has delayed motor skills and being unable to walk nor talk he needs continued care from his devoted family.

His parents are raising funds for a new walker for Mahé that costs around 3500€

This will give him a little independence and help with his posture.

Also, next month, Mahè’s parents are taking him to Spain for intensive Physio treatment.

This treatment is funded, but the accommodation for his parents is not and understandably, they are desperate to stay with him during this treatment.

we are delighted to be able to send his parents 500€ towards Mahé’s walker and 500€ towards their trip to Spain.