If you can you should

My name is David and I am lucky to be Grandad to beautiful 4 year old twins, Violet and Henry.

I will be completing a 1 Million step sponsored walk, from my house in France, to Violet’s house in the UK, to raise awareness of the immense daily-struggles that parents of disabled children have each and every day.
I believe that to enjoy life, we need it to be simple, sadly life is far from simple for Violet and her family.

For them, life is a constant battle. A battle for medical support, physical support, money, space to live and the time to enjoy being a family. I’m sure we all believe, in this enlightened age, that we all have a duty to ensure that not one person misses out on the equal opportunities to learn and to experience the joy life can bring.

Sadly, families of special needs children, are often let down by the government, the NHS and local authorities. We recognise that raising a disabled child is more costly due to their complex needs and how it can strain the family budget to breaking point.

Sometimes, as in Violet’s case, 1 parent sacrifices their career for the sake of their child and chooses to give up work to become the child’s full time carer, thus reducing the family’s income dramatically.

The money I raise will be used to ease some of their financial struggles.

Please support Violet
I thank you and Violet thanks you!

6th September 2019 - 6th October 2019