Where is the money going?

Donations for Violet will be used for equipment, therapies, family outings, hospital visits, including overnight stays. Some adaptations to the family home and sensory games and toys for Violet as she grows and her needs change.

We will be sharing the donations between Violet and two nominated charities; one in France and the other in the UK. Both do amazing work and share our values. Charity For KIDS & APEEIMC will receive 10% of our total raised funds as of the 31st October 2019. 

V glasses

Charity for Kids was established in 2011 to provide help for disabled, sick and terminally ill children – and their families – across Hastings & Rother. We help children and their families with specialised equipment that is either not available via the health services or comes with a very high costs, which is not always possible.

APEEIMC is dedicated to ‘Improving the lives of  disabled children and their families, so that tomorrow our children can have the same rights as all children. 

Right to leisure, right to schooling, right to housing adapted to the needs, etc.
We do not have the right to give up because our children are “extraordinary”

6th September 2019 - 6th October 2019