• €2755 RAISED!!!!!

The Fete for Violet
The word ‘OVERWHELMED’ is so often used lightly, even by me.

Being completely overwhelmed over the last few days has made me re-evaluate my own use of the word.

Everywhere I went, everyone I saw, everyone I spoke to gave me so much of their love for Violet, their warmth and their positive feelings, wanting to help, wanting to give, wanting to know….. my body was just full.

Having feelings you cannot process..It was like a warmth engulfing your whole being. Both my brain and my body had no idea what to do … so I cried…and sobbed… and laughed… and laughed… and cried some more.

Today I am still feeling this immense feeling of pride. The whole Team did VIOLET PROUD on Sunday….France did VIOLET proud.

Thank from us, thank you from V’s Mummy & Daddy and thank you from the LITTLE girl with he BIG smile… VIOLET aged 4 ❤️💜💚

As said by my good friend Julie Tee, the host of Violet’s fete… ‘Love and kindness is contagious and brings a community together’… Overwhelmed, just so overwhelmed……

Fete for VIOLET … Sunday 4th August 2019 raised €2755

The Fete for Violet