Words by Violet’s Mummy ‘ ….. I was in floods of happy tears this morning’.

Violets SEN school have employed their own SALT (speech and language therapist) because county wide we have no provision for the more complex children like Violet. 
Violet had her initial assessment yesterday with her new SALT and basically blew her away. She made competent choices from a selection of 4. Previously she had been working with and limited to 2. That’s now been scrapped and 4 or more choices will be given.

Violet showed time and time again that she can make choices from objects or photos. 
Violet was very vocal about her choices, especially the ducks. Her TA knew this was because we had been to the park Monday and seen Ducks. When she said this to Violet, Violet was taken back that she understood what she was chatting about 😍

Anyway I digress. The SALT said to the nursery team that Violet is so full of potential, she is clever and gets all the concepts. She believes once V can master keeping her head more still, she will be incredible with eye-gaze technology.

They have said there is nothing she can’t do as she grows up. She WILL communicate via advanced technology and they will get her to that point.

The staff are all so proud of her and are so thrilled that another professional has seen the potential and how clever Violet is. It’s like a huge breath of fresh air and has filled me with so much happiness and love today.

Daddy and Grandad have been reduced to tears hearing this too. It’s finding the specialists that believe in your child and want to get them to their full potential. It’s got me all emotional and I’m in tears again typing this up.

This is what we all needed today after the hard times that we are going through. There is a bright future for our V 💜

I absolutely thought this was worth sharing with you all. We don’t often get happy, positive news, but today we did…… xx