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Absolutely blown away…..
Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far and continues to do so! To everyone who has given their time and energy so generously as well as their money! To Nana Suzette for being a massive driving force behind all the events and fundraising! And lastly but by no means least to Grandad David for embarking on your amazing walk ❤️
These funds will make a incredible difference to our lives as a family and to Violet individually.
Next year we need to embark on a massive journey of home adaptations which will be self funded as the council have told us they won’t help.
These works will easily be in excess of £40k so all donations are so, so needed and welcomed. The adaptions will allow for Violet to have her own room and therapy / equipment / sensory room.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
BECKY JEAPES – Violet’s Mummy

Miracles do happen 😊 we have a real chance now to be able to build the dedicated space our beautiful Violet truly deserves. Please stick with us and smash target after target xxxxx Team-V, you’re all brilliant and have my love xx bless you all.

We are so overwhelmed by this amazing news!
We can’t express the gratitude to each and every one of you that has contributed to today’s figure.
The fact that Violet may now get her own space, her own room fit for a princess where she can develop and grow…. this is now such a real possibility…. and you did this… you made it happen.
Every €\£ donated counts…. let’s reach the next milestone…. let’s SMASH through the 15k
David is 118,000 steps in to his 1 million steps … show him your support and make the LITTLE girl with the BIG smile, smile even more xxxx

Emotional simply does not describe how we feel as we share this news with you. Thanks to your unstinting generosity, your kindness, your unselfishness, your tremendous support for Violet, the LITTLE girl with the BIG smile, we have revised our fundraising target.
Unbelievably, the latest count-up has SURPASSED our original target of £10,000.
JULIE TEE – Friend & Treasurer of Association Violet

Thank you, Thank you