Hello to all our SUPPORTERS.
We want to say thank you for your continued support through what has been a hard year for everyone.
Despite all our fundraising plans being cancelled, we do have many positives to be happy about.
We have managed to add money to the fund via our online auction and Lesley Pimlett’s coffee morning at the beginning of the year.
We have been given wonderful handmade items to sell including earrings & notice boards by Pam Barnes, original artworks by John Jeapes, glassware by Sally Cox, and a big box of various goodies from TLC gites.
We have had donations from kind people including The Moonshine Boys and of course the bingo night and charity box from Le Regalon




We will give a 2020 GRAND total on 31st December 2020 and also give an update of where the money will be going. ** The amount as of today is €650.00 with more pledged and items sold.


We are looking forward to 2021 and will be planning lots of great events for you to enjoy, INCLUDING David’s RETURN journey from the UK to France!)…….We have a great Team of people, and we are all excited to get events ready for you to enjoy…..so watch this space!


Re-Cap on why we started Association Violet…..In April 2019, When Violet reached 4 years old, her parents decided that they needed to provide more space for her (and her Twin brother Henry,) so they contacted their local council for a Disabled-Facilities grant. – The officers and surveyor visited the property and said; although there is a strong need, the adaptions would cost in excess of £100,000 and was not financially viable. (disappointment #1)

Violet’s parents then decided that their only option was to move from their small 2 bedroom bungalow to a larger house, but they needed to raise extra money towards the many things that Violet would need to be comfortable and thrive in a new property. – Adapting the house for Violet’s needs would include ramps, hoist rails, door widening, sensory room and wet room. They approached the bank for a loan, but as Becky had given her career up to care for Violet, and with only one household income, the option of a bank loan was rejected. (disappointment #2)

Violet requires different therapies and equipment to make her life easier. Due to cuts to NHS funding, these opportunities have not been possible. (disappointment #3)

David Jeapes, Violet’s 62 year old Grandad, decided to do a sponsored walk from France to the UK to help as much as he could – and then, when an Anonymous Benefactor said ‘he would match £10,000 if we could raise it’…… The challenge was accepted and Association Violet was born in June 2019…….


Our first year was like a whirlwind….. it was an AMAZING year and as announced in October 2019, we raised a massive £13,814.15 and with the pledged £10,000 it took our total to £23,814.15 !!!!!!
We had the overwhelming support of so many people, companies and media, we held lots of events around David’s 1 Million-Step walk from France to the UK, which gained lots of media interest and received donations worldwide!
Such a busy, crazy, fun year


What happened next?
The 2019 funds were divided between 2 other charities and Violet. €2643,47 was sent to Apeeimc and £2381.42 was sent to Charity for Kids the remaining money was given to Our Warrior Princess, Violet.

At the beginning of 2020, Violet’s Parents started looking at suitable houses for adaptation, then Covid 19 changed the world, and lockdown meant that they had to ‘shield’ to keep Violet safe.

16 weeks of shielding would take its toll on any family in isolation. Violet became unexpectedly very unwell which resulted in a 2 long weeks of hospital tests.
Violet then suffered terribly with anxiety, panic attacks and this heightened her epilepsy and dystonia and stomach flare-ups.
She was unable to leave the house, sit in her chair or interact nor be held without having a full panic attack. It was heartbreaking.
But, on a positive note, thankfully Violet has improved so much since then, she is back at school and beginning to smile again.

Violet’s Parents have decided that they will continue their search for a new property which they can adapt to suit Violets needs. The majority of 2019 money is waiting in Violet’s account for this purpose.

A portion of the funds have been used periodically through the year for unfunded equipment, respite-care and specially made orthopedic new pink boots!


Violet’s Mum Becky Jeapes, sent us a message a couple of days ago:
“Hey David, just wanted to give you an update on what we’ve been using your amazing fundraising money for.
We’ve had a delay in the NHS funding of Vs care package – it’s still not in payment until December, and not being backdated, so we’ve had additional Carer’s hours to pay from July to date. So thankful to be able to have the money available to do this.
We have bought her a new TFH bouncer chair, The WCK backpack so she can be carried on Daddy’s back (shipped from the US, so not cheap!) ….. And new piedro (orthopaedic) boots which were £103 as V has outgrew her current pair. V chose pink of course. It’s been invaluable having the funds there when she really needs it.



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